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Window Cleaning in San Francisco and Marin county

Pacific Window Cleaning & Janitorial (PWCJ) cleans all selected glass to include all associated frames, tracks, sills, and hardware and can include mirrors, wind barriers and other glass partitions. Regular cleaning does not include removal of hardened materials e.g. paint, glue, etc. unless included as post construction cleaning.

Non-Abrasive Tools & Materials

PWCJ uses non-abrasive, quality tools and products to safeguard windows. Unless Customer orders special post construction or other special removal services, PWCJ uses only a squeegee and a soft sponge and no scraping. These are non-abrasive techniques that cannot scratch windows. Occasionally, regular cleaning does uncover earlier scratches.

Mineral Deposits

Oxidation is the deposit of minerals from water. It can be found on shower doors, bathroom windows, windows near sprinklers, the bottom edge of solarium panels or other places. This requires special cleaning with acids.

Plexiglass Skylights

Plexiglass skylights have a very sensitive surface and scratch very easily. PWCJ uses the softest materials available for such cleaning and will exercise utmost care.