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Commercial Janitorial

WeClean123 concentrates on providing a catered cleaning style with credible employees to ultimately help improve the long term health of any commercial area. Our commercial cleaning service is available for periodic cleaning and single sessions, including post-construction, pre-event or spot cleaning.

Catered Cleaning Style

With the spectrum of commercial environments, the requests of our clients vary dramatically and we strive to treat each uniquely. For office cleaning, we pay special attention to details while presenting ourselves professionally and respecting the confidentially of employee work spaces. This entails making sure papers and cords around desks are not disturbed while deep cleaning indirect areas that easily build dust and dirt. Our janitors spend time in areas that are often overlooked, for example, removing drips from the trash receptacles and paper clips and staples from carpets during vacuuming. Replenishing paper and soap products is an important feature of the service, with the option for our cleaning company to provide the products.

Our janitorial team will work around business or high-traffic hours for convenience, while ensuring open and consistent communication with a log book for any special requests.

Credible Team

As a family-owned business, we value our client property as well as our janitorial team and we dissolve the concern in risk with these by being insured. Our employees are professionally trained, good-natured and attentive to detail.

Commercial environments usually contain multiple surfaces that need special or industrial care, especially with high traffic. Our cleaning services use appropriate products and techniques for these areas, including stainless steel, carpet, finished brick, slate and concrete. Our janitorial staff is trained to disinfect and deodorize areas that easily build germs like handles light fixtures, baseboards, switch plates, door handles, shelving and kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Long Term Health

With 30 years+ experience, we have seen the power of a healthy and clean work environment and the deeper benefits it offers. An orderly and sanitary work place not only gives a great impression to customers, it helps increase employee health, mood and productivity at the workplace. The multitude of service and level of detail offered creates a heavy investment for an extremely affordable cost. The regular and professional upkeep of carpets, appliances, walls and equipment can save immensely in repair costs.

We also commit to being environmentally responsible. All of our janitors use reusable, micro fiber towels and neutral cleaning agents that are environmentally-safe. Recycled items and trash are disposed accordingly in the directed areas or can be taken off-site upon request.

Join our list of satisfied, long-term clients, some of which have been with us since we opened our doors in 1980. We work with business owners to formulate a plan to keep their offices clean and comfortable, thereby creating a positive working environment. We customize office janitorial services to meet the needs of property management firms, facility managers and building owners.


A WeClean123 crew will arrive in the early morning or evening to execute the punch list of standard cleaning duties. We will also change out light bulbs and ballasts, and we will replenish your cleaning supplies (i.e. paper and soap) as needed. Have any "pet peeves?" We want to know about them! WeClean123 is sensitive to your most particular needs. Keep us on your annual calendar to provide all carpet cleaning, window cleaning and pressure washing for the complex. These areas are often the least contemplated but the most appreciated once freshly cleaned.

Dental/Medical Offices

These are special environments which require sensitivity and adherence to specific instructions. We are experienced in cleaning around medical equipment and hazardous waste. Let our team of professionals put your mind at ease.


The WeClean123 teams are often asked to focus on floor work in these locations. We can provide periodic "scrubs" followed by waxing and polishing, to keep your store looking especially cared for. Add window cleaning and some "deep" detail cleaning periodically and you will present a sparkling image for your customers to enjoy. Check out Spinnaker Restaurant and Bridgeway Cafe.

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