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Janitorial Services

Commercial cleaning, janitorial services, and office cleaning in SF and Marin

As a cleaning service company, the requests of our clients vary dramatically and we understand the importance of catering our cleaning style to meet these. For office cleaning, we pay special attention to details that noticeably transform the room, while presenting ourselves professionally and respecting the confidentially of employee work spaces. This entails making sure papers and cords on and under desks are not disturbed while deep cleaning the indirect areas that easily build up dust and dirt.

Our janitorial services are useable for any community or personal area involved in the work place. Janitorial cleaning includes sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces in the work environment that require continuous upkeep. Replenishing paper and soap products is an important part of our commercial cleaning service, with the option for our cleaning company to provide the products.

We distinguish ourselves from other janitorial company's by paying attention to details, like removing drips and drools from the trash receptacles and making certain paper clips and staples are removed from carpets during the vacuum segment of our service. Hard surfaced floors are wet mopped and recycled items and trash are disposed of as directed. Office cleaning includes a thorough wipe down of light fixtures, baseboards, switch plates, door handles, ledges, sills, shelving, cleaning kitchen appliances.

IR Hadley, CDK Builders Cello & Maudru hire us regularly for post remodel cleans. We remove traces of soil, waste materials, dusts, stains, labels, residue and other foreign matter from all vertical, sloped and horizontal surfaces within the requested areas. All of our janitors use micro fiber towels and neutral cleaning agents.

Commercial environments usually contain multiple surfaces that need special or industrial care, especially with high traffic. Our cleaning services use appropriate products and techniques for these areas, including stainless steel, carpet, finished brick, slate and concrete.