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The business cleaning service varies depending on the requests of General Contractors, Office Managers, Shop Owners, Inn Keepers or Restaurateurs.
Our service includes: post remodel cleaning, sanitization in bath or powder room areas, stainless steel application where needed, and floor service to carpeted, finished brick, slate or concrete areas.
It also includes a thorough wipe down to light fixtures, baseboards, switch plates, door handles, ledges, sills, shelving, cleaning kitchen appliances, and sanitizing bathrooms, as requested.

Window Cleaning

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Pacific Window Cleaning & Janitorial (PWCJ) cleans all selected glass to include all associated frames, tracks, sills, and hardware and can include screens, mirrors, wind barriers and other glass partitions.
Our roof and gutter cleaning service will sweep storm debris from the roof before cleaning out the gutters and flushing of the downspouts, using hoses and rakes. Our pressure washing service removes slippery algae and “winter” growth from building siding, walkways, decks, patios and driveways.

Hardwood Floor

Our floor cleaning service provides a simple clean with a wet mop and neutral cleaner for regular floors and a thorough clean for linoleum floors. We also offer floor “re-coating” services for extra shine.

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